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Watt about? | Cie Divergences (english)

Watt about?

Luminous abstract and bright testimony from a lighting technician

(Creation 2016)


Lighting is a physical reality for all of us. How can a lighting technician evoke his work while performing on stage? Pierre Masselot, a lighting specialist for the past 20 years, throws himself into a conference/performance/documentary on what has lit the way for him during the course of his career. True matter, sensual, palpable and incandescent, light forms an unedited duo with its technician; it diffuses knowledge into a plan both theatrical and visually artistic. Exalted and electrified, this lighting expert/commentator, with a stroboscopic output, opens up his personnel universe with a discourse both exotic and luminous. Directed on stage - both spatially and corporally - by Sylvain Huc, Masselot recounts, in his own unique fashion, his experiences with the hundreds of performances, dancers and actors he has seen during his career, in a hybrid manner filled with jubilation.   Conception and direction : Sylvain Huc Performer, technician, lighting : Pierre Masselot assisté de Sylvain Huc Music : Noël Akchoté, Emptyset, Ben Frost, Calvin Harris Outside view : Igor Vermeil   Duration : 45 mn / all audiences from upwards of age 8   Production : Faits & Gestes Co-production : The Culturel Center of Ramonville, and the Direction of Cultural Affairs of Cannes and the city of Herbiers.  

Company Divergences is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication / Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs for the Languedoc-Roussillon Midi-Pyrénées under “Aid to structuring”. The Company also receives funding from the Région Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée, the Departemental Council of the Lot and the Community of Communes Cazals-Salviac.

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