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Playmobile | Cie Divergences (english)


Players playing to play games in a theatre

(Pedagogic project 2012)


Playmobile aspires to lead children to question the meaning of the words community, individual, rules... a challenging ambition. In guiding two school classes with a protocol of physical, spatial, temporal and musical rules, Playmobile enfolds like a political playing field of bodies. One follows, violates or bends to rules to play this choreographic game. For one full week, dance become a terrain for the students to include or exclude their bodies in the collective reflection. The Playmobile ‘game set’ includes in each class: 1 choreographer, 1 musician, 4 electric extension cords, and 3 batteries LR61 (do not swallow). For children 10 years and older. One week of work is needed - 20 hours per class.   Conception: Sylvain Huc and Cécile Grassin Musicians: David Authié and Xavier Coriat Extra collaborators: Pierre-Michaël Faure, Arnaud Millan and Mathilde Olivares   Created with the support of the city of Rodez, the MJC of Rodez, the MAC of Bischwiller, Pôle Sud, CDC, the ADIAM of Strasbourg, Scènes de territoire, Communauté d'Agglomération of Bocage Bressuirais.   Company Divergences is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication / Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs for the Languedoc-Roussillon Midi-Pyrénées under “Aid to structuring”. The Company also receives funding from the Région Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée, the Departemental Council of the Lot and the Community of Communes Cazals-Salviac.
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