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The Little Red Riding Hood | Cie Divergences (english)

The Little Red Riding Hood

(Creation for young audience 2011)


Archaic, visceral, violent…this is how one could describe this “tale” a hundred times told.
Now let’s put aside the narration and tear apart this childish tale, rather its guts than its narrative sequence.
A wolf, half animal, half serial-killer. A little red riding hood whose innocence aids and abets the final murder. Both throw themselves into a duo made of fascination, attraction, play, betrayal, fear and angst.
In a live soundscape made of crackling, high pitch or humming noises from old broken vinyls, the “fang” leaves the “bodies” an empty stage, a space both real and oneiric. The original tale, whether it be the oral one or that of de Perrault’s, is stripped bare in answer to an economy of means, costumes and lighting. All that remains is nerves and muscle, short breaths and growls, and some laughs to defuse this choreographical explosive.
Expressionist or cartoon-esque, this little riding hood doesn’t fear Bettelheim nor Tex Avery and introduces her childhood to fears and fantasies with passion, jubilation and entrancement…yum!
Choreography: Sylvain Huc
Performers: Cécile Grassin and Sylvain Huc
Soundscape: Xavier Coriat
Lighting engineer: Pierre Masselot


Running time: 45 min


Production : Faits & Gestes

The Little Red Riding Hood was created during a residency at the Foyer in Marminiac


Company Divergences is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication / Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs for the Languedoc-Roussillon Midi-Pyrénées under “Aid to structuring”. The Company also receives funding from the Région Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée, the Departemental Council of the Lot and the Community of Communes Cazals-Salviac.

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