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Sylvain Huc | Cie Divergences (english)

Sylvain Huc

Following university studies in history and art history, where he completed a political anthropology essay on Greek history entitled « Bestiality, savagery and feminine sexuality in classical Greece», Sylvain Huc suddenly and unexpectedly discovered contemporary dance. He later completed the training program of the CDC (centre for choreographic development) of Toulouse in 2003. After several years working as a dancer for various choreographers (Richard Nadal, La Zampa, Coraline Lamaison, Laura Scozzi…), he took over as artistic director of Company Divergences in 2014.

His work is characterized by an approach that is, above all, grounded in the physicality of the body rather than in actual forms of dance.

His first work, Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Ridinghood), a piece for young audiences, was performed over 250 times in France and Europe and laid the foundation for a singular choreographic vision which favors the body – its states, its in/consistancies – in strong interaction with the elements of lighting and sound. Rotkäppchen, an adult version of the same murderous tale continued his exploration of the carnal interplay between eroticism and cruelty. This was followed by Kapput, a piece for four dancers that examined the notion of missteps and failure.

Boys don’t cry, a masculin trio created in 2016 and presented at the Hivernales as part of the Avignon Festival, explores manhood with all its foibles, clichés and fragilities. Delving further into this theme, Huc created Gameboy the same year through workshops of improvisational research with a group of university students in Toulouse. The principles of this pedagogic project, participative and artistic, have been reproduced internationally with students, from other European countries.

In 2018, Huc created Sujets for the Montpellier Danse Festival, a decisive quintet, a contemplation of nudity in a choreographic and artistic sense. As he places the body at the center of all of his work, his interest is in exploring the human form in relation to its environment, both delicate and brutal. He attempts to create a fabric of sensations and emotions through which the body interacts, alternating between wisdom and savagery.

His solo, LEX, an exploration of the ancestral and ambiguous relation we have with the law, was presented at Roubaix as part of the Grand Bain festival in March 2019.

Sylvain Huc is supported by the network of Choreographic Development Centres, most notably in Roubaix (Le Gymnase), Toulouse (La Place de la Danse), Avignon (Les Hivernales) and Uzès (La Maison). Huc was recently selected to present his work as part of the European network  Aerowaves Festival, 2019.   Sylvain Huc will be associated artist at the CDCN of Roubaix (Le Gymnase) for a three-year period from 2020 to 2022.